Science communication and advocacy together enable the effective translation of scientific knowledge, engage stakeholders, build public support, inspire action, and address misinformation. Science-based advocacy plays a vital role in creating a collective commitment to protect and preserve our blue planet for future generations.

Upcoming events:

Oceanovation Festival

Innovative start-ups, business leaders, industry experts and public institutions coming together to implement and scale technologies to grow the blue economy 

         Creator in Residence – Media Advisor, Ona Ocean (June, 2023 – The Netherlands)

We Got This by WWF

A youth-led incubator empowering a generation of sustainability advocates on social media

         Speaker, Effective Science Communication Through Social Media and Community Building to Empower Youth for Greator Social Impact (June 2023 – Virtual)

Where I've been recently

Ocean Visions Biennial Summit

MARLICE ISLANDS (International Forum on Marine Litter and Circular Economy in Island Environments)

UN Biodiversity Conference COP15

UN Ocean Conference

         Speaker, Accelerating Ocean Impact Through Digital Platforms (Aprile, 2023 – USA)

        Attendee, Innoceana Collaborator (March 2023 – Canary Islands)

         Attendee, Innoceana Collaborator (December 2022 – Canada)

         U.S. Youth Delegate, Sustainable Ocean Alliance & UN Global Compact (June 2022 – Portugal)

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Willow Project explained

Protect the deep from deep sea mining 

High Seas Treaty

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