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storytelling to scale ocean education, action and impact

Elizabeth Sherr

marine conservationist &
science communicator

Welcome! I’m Elizabeth (Liz) and I use my passion in storytelling to create content that scales ocean education, action and impact. My aim is to connect people to the ocean by sharing the science of our shared blue planet, encouraging local actions such as beach cleanups, and simplifying ocean and climate news. Originally from New York, I currently reside in Barcelona and hold a MSc. degree in Marine Environment Resources in which I studied in Spain, France, and Belgium.

What does 

living blue mean?

Living blue means living an environmentally conscious lifestyle that takes action in protecting and conserving our blue planet, essentially by incorporating practices that contribute to ocean conservation. Whether it be picking up trash, reducing waste, or educating others on climate change, we can collectively create a positive impact on our blue planet for today and future generations. By living blue, we realize the importance of the ocean and the interconnectedness of all living beings. 

Impact Areas

to effectively communicate ocean challenges and solutions and inspire collective action towards positive change

to promote knowledge sharing, research, campaigns and innovative solutions

to support the development and implementation of policies that protect the ocean

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  • Creating content
  • Supporting campaigns
  • Writing articles
  • Leading beach cleanups
  • and more…!

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